The "1BIT CanariPack Topdown" is out!

Hey folks!

I'm very pleased to announce that our 1BIT CANARIPACK TOPDOWN is OUT!

UPDATES PLANNED EVERY FEW MONTHS!  Buy it once, more content will be added through time!

The CanariPack 1BIT TopDown was meant to help you complete your game with graphics and music in a simple but effective 1BIT style! Whether it's a Zelda-like, a Beat'Em Up, a Shoot'Em Up, a Roguelike or a Racing game

Designed by game developer and expert pixel artist Johan Vinet (founder of Canari Games. Worked on Flinthook, Mercenary Kings Reloaded, Rivals Of Aether, Shovel Knights Showdown...), this very complete pack contains assets made with the greatest care.


A very versatile 16x16 tileset: Inspired by the classics, very versatile, allowing the realization of:

  • Dungeon / Village / Forest / City / House interiors
  • 3 GameMaker's rooms given as examples with animated tilesets and autotiling support (only for GameMakerStudio2).

Players' sprites (16x16):

  • 3 heroes: Princess / Adventurer / Dog
  • Fully animated in all 4 directions: Idle / Walk / Push / Jump / Roll / Hurt / Attack / Death

Enemies' sprites:

  • 4 enemies: Wizard / Blob / NegaBlob / Snake 
  • Fully animated in the useful directions

35 items :

  • Key, sword, bomb, shield, gloves, hammer, chest, coin, pen, bow, mushroom, heart, pot, pot, potion, pick, shovel, bell, bell, boots, compass, feather, diskette, crown, harp, harp, leaf, mirror, gold bag, skull, skull, key, book, lamp, ring, scroll, shell, bananas, bone.

3 chiptune musics (click to listen):

17 sound effects:

  • 3 attack / 2 death / 1 fall / 2 hurt / 3 jump / 1 land / 1 pickup / 1 menu-back / 1 menu-valid / 1 menu-cursor.

GAMEMAKER STUDIO 2: In the package you'll found a YYZ file. Just import it in GameMaker Studio 2 and you'll be able to enjoy some fancy features like Tiles Animations and AutoTiling!


Files 17 MB
Dec 10, 2018

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* UPDATES PLANNED EVERY FEW MONTHS!  Buy it once, more content will be added through time! *

Its been 6 months already, without anything.. not even a message update of any kind...

Really Disappointed with this, .. I Glad i didn't buy it .. Shame ...

(1 edit)

I'm myself very sorry about this, I still want to update the pack as soon as possible but I'm working hard on my game Lunark which has to be my absolute priority because I have to deliver after the Kickstarter campaign. Solo dev is hard, but that's OK, dealing with frustrations is part of the job and I can only blame myself for that situation. Sorry again.

(1 edit)

REALLY Interested in this, Any chance u telling us what u have planned for the updates.?

Basically, im after the 'Player' with a gun/guns .. if u can guarantee this will be added, ill buy! :)

Thank you for your interest! I don't have a precise roadmap but I know that I will add (at least) a sci-fi tileset and a dedicated music. Otherwise I'm gonna collect feedback like yours and probably go with what people need the most or what I'm more comfortable with. Anyway, stay tuned! :)

Cheers, Ill keep checking back..!